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Air Traffic Control and Navaids System

Our Five Features


The Number of cabinets comprising our PSR/SSR is reduced from 8 to 4 by highly integrated design, decreasing parts, and adopting solid state transmitter. This provides higher reliability, lower power consumption, and space-saving design.

High Reliability

Reduction of periodic replacement components by using solid state transmitter etc., and the adoption of system configuration based on hardware bring PSR/SSR higher reliability.

Toshiba PSR/SSR has multiple safeguards to avoid interruption of operation in case one of the units goes out of order.
The followings are an overview.

Under normal conditions, to begin with, each unit is subject to monitoring by the system itself in real time.
In the event of failure, automatic switchover will be made, which enables the system to operate continuously.
A damaged unit is easily identified by means of built-in test equipment.
Operating logs and status of each component are constantly recorded and available for diagnosing of failures.
Customer can replace a damaged unit easily without any interruption of operation.

In response to Customer's request, still higher reliability is available.
To be more specific, standard PSR transmitter has multiple power amplifiers, and supplemental amplifiers can be embedded in the same cabinet as other amplifiers. In the event of one of the amplifiers needs to be replaced, PSR still keeps all the functions and performances because of this additional amplifier.
A broken-down amplifier can be sent to our facility and will be delivered back to the customer as soon as it is repaired.

Besides, Toshiba can conduct a survey on damaged unit at a semiconductor level.
This is because Toshiba manufactures even special semiconductors like gallium nitride for use in power amplifiers.

Quick Replacement Work

Power amplifiers and other components feature a modular design, making it easy to identify and replace damaged parts.
Each unit is able to hot-swap with no adjustment nor standby time.
Any damaged unit can be sent to our facility and will be delivered back to the customer as soon as it is repaired. This means the customer does not have to bear our engineer’s travel costs. This contributes to lifecycle cost reduction. The repaired unit can be kept as a backup supply unit.

User-Friendly Operation

The system can be easily operated either from the large color touch panel mounted on the cabinet or from a PC placed in a remote site. The status of each piece of equipment is automatically monitored 24 hours a day.

Easy Maintenance

The following customer services are available using remote maintenance function;

  • Assistance of preventive maintenance and failure diagnosis
  • Update of firmware
  • Setting and adjustment of parameters
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