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  • Toshiba's CVOR is designed based on the advanced technology.
  • Toshiba's CVOR has more than a 50-year-history in domestic and worldwide airports.
  • Toshiba's CVOR is continuing to contribute to the improvement in air traffic safety throughout the world.

Key Product Features



  • Dual transmitters, monitors and power supplies
  • Ergonomics design
  • Color touch panel for local control
  • Extensive BITE for fault isolation
  • Front accessible plug-in modules for easy exchange
  • Local and remote setup and control through a user-friendly PC program
  • Flexible PC interface: local area network, serial link and modem link
  • Optional battery backup with dual battery banks
  • Recording operation events and equipment conditions
  • Master and slave operation with associated DME (Distance Measuring Equipment)


  • Digital signal generation and separate carrier and sideband amplifiers
  • Up to 100W output power


  • Advanced digital design for high stability and accuracy
  • Automatic continuous integrity testing
  • Monitor and control by digital hardware

Antenna System

  • 4 Alford loop antennas
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