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Toshiba's modular integrated Primary and Secondary Surveillance Radar systems (PSR/SSR systems) have been developed for today's stringent air traffic control requirements. The radar system interfaces with the Radar Data Processing System (RDPS) and provides the RDPS with important, accurate and reliable radar data highly for controllers and pilots.

The requirements for air traffic control radar systems are becoming stricter due to safety concerns because of the increase in air traffic during past decade.

Toshiba's PSR/SSR systems are designed by making good use of advanced digital technology and have such good features as compact size and low life-cycle cost.

Local Equipment / Remote Equipment

Key Product Features


  • Full Solid State component
  • Replace Work Minimization
  • Duplex Configuration (Active /Stand-by Channel)
  • Automatic Built-In-Test Equipment (BITE)
  • Remote Control and Monitoring
  • Low Life-Cycle Cost and High Reliability
  • Compact size and Lightweight
  • Color touch panel for local control
  • Front accessible plug-in modules for easy exchange

PSR (Primary Surveillance Radar)

  • All Solid State Transmitter
  • Continuous operation to replace PA (Power Amplifier) Unit
  • Compact Signal Processing - MTD (Moving Target Detector)
  • High Speed Digital Processing - Digital I/Q Phase Detector, Digital Chirp Generator
  • Weather Signal Processing

SSR (Secondary Surveillance Radar) Mode S

  • All Solid State SSR Mode S Interrogator
  • Large Vertical Aperture (LVA) Antenna
  • ACAS Resolution Advisory (RD) Downlink Capability (GICB Protocol) (Option)
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